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Selling anything starts with psychology. We build all of our clients' online marketing channels from a keen understanding of what your customers really want.

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The Ability Factor

The Ability Factor™ is our secret sauce for increasing customer conversions, and incorporates all of our specialties.


Business Assessment with The Ability Factor™

Achieve Measurable Results with Our Secret Formula for Success

Have your profits flattened out? An e-Commerce website designed with The Ability Factor™ in mind can get them growing again

The Internet is the future of marketing, or so Joe was told. So, a few years ago, he took the digital plunge and hired someone to create a website for his company. Since that day, it hasn’t shown up once in a Google search, and the only people who can find it are those who manually type in the address from his business card. What’s more, its content hasn’t been updated since it was created, and almost all of his company’s contact information and pricing has changed since then. Now, with the development of social media marketing, almost all of Joe’s competitors have blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profiles, while his site falls further and further behind the technical times, so far that:

Maybe your situation is a lot like Joe’s, or maybe it’s not. Maybe you’re the owner of a brick and mortar store who would like to begin selling your products online, and expand your clientele to the national or even international level. The opportunity for increasing profits is enormous, but branching into the e-Commerce world seems like a massive undertaking, and you are uncertain where to begin. You’ve requested proposals from several website development and marketing companies, but you’re not sure which one is giving you the best deal. The saying, “you get what you pay for,” keeps ringing in the back of your mind, but at the same time, you’re well aware that something can be expensive without being effective.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if there was an e-Commerce solution that didn’t require you to constantly make updates to your website, that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and that utilized proven techniques for attracting new customers? We’ll let you in on a little secret. There is. Introducing

The Ability Factor, our secret to e-Commerce success! Consult with us today to find out how The Ability Factor™ and our e-Commerce solutions can work for your business.

A website designed with The Ability Factor™ can:

The Ability Factor™ is what brings all aspects of online marketing together to actually achieve sales.

You’ve probably visited your fair share of websites with cutting-edge graphics, complex animations and splash pages, and sophisticated e-Commerce databases that are a nuisance to actually navigate as a prospective customer. You know the type – those sites that look like they were designed to show off their designer’s abilities rather than being designed to increase sales for the designer’s client. Or what about those sites that are written like a television commercial script – telling the prospective customer what the business want’s to say, rather than what the prospect wants to hear? The point is, there are thousands if not millions of e-Commerce websites on the Internet that, while aesthetically pleasing, will not result in many sales.

Why? Because these websites do not have The Ability Factor™.

The Ability Factor™ is our secret formula for understanding what your customers desire, how to represent your business online so that it speaks to your customers’ desires, and how to use online marketing techniques so that your company or brand is associated with your customer’s desires. By breaking these criteria down into the following equation, we make it easy to understand how to correctly use the elements of website design to increase your customer conversion rates.

Design-ability -(4friction) + Use-ability -(2anxiety) + Vis-ability(2permission + trust X engagement) = Profit-ability

Design-ability: Your website can’t just look pretty; it has to work. Learn how effective use of the principles of design can boost your customer conversion rates. There may be designability considerations you haven't considered, such as:

Use-ability: Your website should not confuse or intimidate your prospective customers. If it does, they won’t feel comfortable enough to buy. Learn how user-friendliness can increase your sales, and:

Vis-ability: Don’t wait for prospective customers to come to you. Go to them. Learn the most effective ways to use permission marketing techniques to boost your business, including:

Profit-ability: Your website is an investment, just like any other marketing expense. Learn how to get the most ROI for your money by:

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