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Why choose NMPR?

Selling anything starts with psychology. We build all of our clients' online marketing channels from a keen understanding of what your customers really want.

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Online Customer Psychology
Web Analytics
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    We'll help turn your website into a wealth of quality information.
  • e-Commerce
    Add or improve your site's e-Commerce ability
  • Navigation
    We'll help you make sure your site's navigation is easy for users and search engines to understand.
  • Cross Platform Design
    We'll help make sure your site works on a variety of browsers and operating systems.
  • Mobile Development
    Need a mobile version of your site? NMPR can help
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The Ability Factor

The Ability Factorâ„¢ is our secret sauce for increasing customer conversions, and incorporates all of our specialties.


Website Analytics Tools, Usability, & Conversion Reporting

Is something keeping your site's visitors from becoming customers?

Website usability and conversion reporting is all about identifying "leaks" in your website - holes through which your site's visitors exit your site instead of proceeding to the next step in the sales/conversion process. A leak in your website's conversion or sales funnel can be caused by any number of factors, ranging from something as simple and easy to fix as a broken link to having to rethink your entire unique selling proposition so that you're better addressing your target audience's needs.

Finding all the leaks in your website can be a daunting challenge, especially if you don't know what to look for. That's why we're here! We'll help you locate all the various types of leaks on your website using sophisticated web analytics tools to really get inside the heads of your target audience and find where they're experiencing a disconnect.

The value of an e-Commerce marketing analyst

In today's highly competitive economy, companies need every edge they can get in order to remain relevant and profitable on the internet. One way to do this is through the use of internet market analysis. Market analysis services allow for a company to discover just what it is that consumers are searching for, and whether there are any usability issues or disconnects on your website that are preventing them from completing the sales/conversion process.

Some common types of usability issues and disconnects that can cause lost customers include:

Market analysis can be the difference between remaining a small to medium sized business and becoming an enterprise level corporation.

Businesses using a market analyst also have an easier time presenting the company to potential investors, as use of market analysis services shows that the business is involved in proactively growing profits. Through the use of market analysis, businesses also show consumers that they care.

If a business shows that they have their finger on the pulse of exactly what consumers are looking for, that business is more likely to be viewed favorably and attract more business than their competition.

Moving from data to insights

Marketing analysis tools such as Google Analytics can provide you with a wealth of data on your website's visitors, but if you don't have the expertise to interpret that data and draw correct conclusions from it - the data itself is useless.

Most marketing analytics are poorly implemented and under utilized. In Fact, 99% of people don't fully understand the reporting and so you get data- not insight!

When looking to properly implement success, more than one reporting system may be needed. Not only will analytics be set up to read your's sites data- but also heatmaps to monitor customer paths and reporting to watch how the trends of keywords and customer action is currently reporting. By using more than the one analytic measuring tool- we are able to have a better understanding of how to improve to increase your profits.

Your Benefits:

  1. The Who - We ensure accurate reporting, not just reports of raw data
  2. The What - You Gain a fuller understanding of your visitors, referring sites, and searched keywords
  3. The When - Watching trends, changes and KPIs to understand when changes should be made
  4. The Where - Get customized reports broken down and segmented to provide actionable insight
  5. The How - Understand the customer actions in order to deliver a better online experience
  6. The Why - Bring a larger conversion to your funnel - more targeted customers = more profits

Web Analytics Implementation: What we do

We review your site to understand its structure and purpose, and goals.

Set Up
We will then set up your site to Analytic software, heatmaps, and reporting for errors and customer trends. If you have an adword account, we will also ensure it is linked into your GA account.

e-Commerce, Filters, Goals and Sitemaps
We set up your dashboards filters, goals, e-Commerce system and sitemap reading to assure relevant data for your company goals are easily obtained.

Test, Teach and Grow
After everything is fully tested for accuracy, We then show you how to read the data and understand what to look for in each of the reports. Then, if you want, we can help you come up with new online marketing strategies based on the data.

Since the Internet is a constant evolution of growth and changes, we will continue to monitor and make suggestions for best practice implementation to tweak your site to benefit your customers best. That's right, we won't simply install, and leave you hanging!

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