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Niche Marketing PR is an experienced e-Commerce and Internet Marketing Firm specializing in e-Commerce platform development and online Marketing Strategies using SEO, Branding, and Social Media, to name a few. Niche Marketing PR is known as the “un-marketing” Internet marketing firm, because we like to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and build relationships through engagement.

Our top e-Commerce development services:

e-commerce conversion

Website usability and conversion reporting

Is something keeping your site's visitors from becoming customers? We'll find it, whether it's design-related, content-related, or even something as small as the placement of your calls to action.

ecommerce web analytics

Web analytics interpretation

Your website can provide a wealth of information about your target audience, but do you know how to read that data and draw conclusions from it? We'll help you make sense of your analytics data and convert that data into new marketing strategies.

marketing strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

Are you taking advantage of every online marketing avenue available to you? Have you tried affiliate marketing? Social media marketing? Local search optimization? Selling or advertising on Amazon.com? We can help you identify and implement new marketing channels to grow your revenue stream.

e-commerce dashboards

e-Commerce dashboards

Are you getting accurate reporting on your online sales? We will set up and help you analyze your sales funnels to identify and close leaks where you're likely to lose customers (ex: abandoned cart issues.)

marketing coaching

Coaching, Mentoring &Consulting

Are you on top of the latest industry news? Are you prepared for Google's next search algorithm change? We can help you stay current on what you need to know to remain competitive in your industry online.

citations and serendipity

Citations & Serendipity

These days, good SEO is all about citations and serendipity - both of which involve getting people to like and share your content so that you establish trust and a positive reputation online. We'll help you build or re-brand your website from the ground up, including web design, development and coding, custom artwork and graphics, managing your social media, and website optimization across multiple marketing channels.

business acquisition

New Business Acquisition

There are many marketing channels beyond your website you can use to grow your business online. Have you considered selling or advertising on Amazon? Setting up an affiliate marketing program? Using data feeds? We'll help you find all the online revenue streams available to you and which of them are likely to work best for your business.

business assessment

Business Assessment

Do you know your business's unique selling proposition (USP) to your customers? Can you explain it in plain language to your target audience? We can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, what separates you from your competition, and how to communicate those points to your target audience persuasively in a one-time report.


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Specializing in e-Commerce Website Development & Marketing

If you are looking to launch a fully functional online store where customers can purchase goods or services directly from your website, our e-Commerce program will take care of all the details for you. We will handle everything from configuring your inventory and shopping cart system to launching online marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your online storefront.

Don’t Worry, Niche Marketing PR Designs Non-e-Commerce Websites Too!

If you are looking for someone to design and market your static (non-e-Commerce) website or if you only need a few marketing services to help get your website to where you want it to be, Niche Marketing PR can help you with your non-e-Commerce needs too. We let you pick and choose the services you need without forcing you to pay for the ones you don't need. Whether your website is e-Commerce enabled or not, we approach all websites and marketing campaigns with The Ability Factor in mind. Discover how our secret Ability Factor formula can bring in new customers for your business.

Other Services Niche Marketing PR Provides

Marketing Analytics and Consulting. We offer our services ongoing or project by project to help you build and tweak to achieve total success. The fee for standalone Consulting services is $220.00 per hour. If we are set on a monthly retainer, consultation is charged at $150.00 per hour. We will actually spend several hours at no cost analyzing your site and business before making any web consulting recommendations. You pay for actual consultation time, not research.

Speaking Engagements. Whether it’s for mastermind groups, seminars, college courses, podcasts or webinars, we look forward to all of these platforms as exciting ventures to help others learn what we know. We enjoy teaching, sharing and helping to achieve dreams. Contact us today to book Laura Thomas or one of our other team members for your next speaking engagement.

What We Won’t Do

We believe in organic marketing, not PPC, and as such, do not offer PPC campaigns. A PPC market is temporary and used best for testing. Organic marketing targets traffic forever. We will and can do PPC as test runs for checking your markets if our clients so desire. If a client really wishes to launch a PPC campaign, we can refer him or her to a trusted company that will do so. We do, however, run facebook PPC campaigns, as they are more targeted and segmented.

We never do any black hat marketing or SEO tactics, as these will only frustrate and annoy a client’s prospective customers, causing them to eventually lose faith in the client’s company. If a search engine is to discover someone using black hat tactics, that person’s website is often bumped to a much lower listing or removed altogether from the search engine’s database. We believe firmly in following the rules and best practices given by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Please give us a call or drop us an email to enquire about any of these services. Call 757- 788-8157 or email us!