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Online Marketing Advice And Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Marketing Analyst?

A marketing analyst is someone who can figure out what makes your customers tick by following their click paths on your site. The key to any company strategy is understanding and knowing how to call to action the data.

NMPR, (Niche Marketing, PR) acts as a Marketing Analyst for you to simply your life and grow your ROI. We gather, record, and analyze the data for the marketing segment in which your product or service lives. We find your Key Performance Indicators, and make certain they are working on your companies behalf.

We then perform both qualitative research, in which the customer's feelings and reactions are tabulated and studied, and quantitative research, in which we study the numbers that describe your customers. NMPR assesses how the changing elements of your marketing mix impacts upon the customer, and what modifications both to the elements and shares to the mix might be useful for increasing your sales.

What is Web Consulting?

Web consulting is the process of analyzing a website to ensure that its delivering a clear, concise message to your customers and that it is speaking to your target audience’s needs and wants. NMPR knows the Internet, and how web sites work, from the smallest detail on up to the grandest strategy. As a Web Consultant, we give you personal advise on every aspect of your web site, from the code, content, and design, to site architecture, development platforms, and search engine optimization (SEO). Your site will be ALL about YOUR customer and what YOUR customer wants.

We'll teach you how to blog, so that more customers come back to see what you're going to say next, and show how the social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter can give your company an enormous advantage on the Internet.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the process of extracting key data from the paths your customers follow within your website. To make it easy for you, we collect, measure, analyze, and report on data of all types, such as web traffic to your site, the rankings of the pages on your web site by popularity, or showing you the least, most and average time span spent exploring your site by a visitor. Data on the usage of a website are the metrics that will tell you whether or not your business objectives are being met. NMPR will match the web data report to those objectives you wish to see explored - so that your company profits can grow upward!

What are Usability Issues?

Usability issues are any aspect of your website that makes it difficult for one or more prospective customers to find the information they want on your website. It's relatively easy to make a web site that works. But what's vital to a company is a web site that works well. NMPR will analyze your web site navigation and design for the big-six usability issues:

What is Customer Conversion?

How many visitors to your website become customers? That's the definition of conversion. NMPR will work to improve that conversion rate for your web site. We will help your company to figure out why a visitor to your web site will progresses only so far along the path to a purchase, and then does not complete the purchase. we will set up goals and filters to watch your funnel. Your funnel may reveal the customer falls out die to a technical glitch, a design problem, or perhaps even a mistake within the purchase process. You need a simple check out process. NMPR will help to implement a simple checkout process for your website, and eliminate those invisible roadblocks to a purchase.

What are Keyword Strategies?

People all over the world enter search words into their favorite search engine to find what they want. Keyword strategies are the way in which we figure out what search terms being entered match aspects of your business. We want your company to be at the top of the search rankings in your industry, and we know how to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your web site to do just that. We'll help you pick out the keywords that not only fit your business, but also are the ones potential customers are using to find your product.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of attracting links from other websites to yours. But, it's not just a numbers game, where whoever has the most inbound links wins. The quality of the links and of the web site from which they come is of paramount importance. We will help you and your company establish a presence on the Internet beyond your own company web site, which will drive market traffic to your site and increase both your SEO ranking and your sales. For more detailed information on link building, take a look at our blog article on link building terms and definitions.

What is Branding?

Brand building is an online process that works in conjunction with your company's offline branding efforts to make your website have the same look, feel, and message as your other marketing materials. NMPR takes your company into the loop of building an online brand, the four steps of which all connect to what we've already discussed above:

That's the way we tie it all together to be the resource for you and your company to grow, enhance, and improve your presence on the Internet.