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Why choose NMPR?

Selling anything starts with psychology. We build all of our clients' online marketing channels from a keen understanding of what your customers really want.

Our Areas of Expertise

Online Customer Psychology
Web Analytics
Website Optimization
  • Writing Relevant Content
    We'll help turn your website into a wealth of quality information.
  • e-Commerce
    Add or improve your site's e-Commerce ability
  • Navigation
    We'll help you make sure your site's navigation is easy for users and search engines to understand.
  • Cross Platform Design
    We'll help make sure your site works on a variety of browsers and operating systems.
  • Mobile Development
    Need a mobile version of your site? NMPR can help
Marketing Beyond Your Site
Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing
    We'll manage your Facebook, Twitter, and other social pages.
  • Audio/Video Marketing
    Get your message out via podcasts and YouTube!
  • Citations & Serendipity
    Social media plays a huge role in your website's search rankings now.
  • Blogging
    Starting a company blog is a great way to grow traffic for your website.
The Ability Factor

The Ability Factor™ is our secret sauce for increasing customer conversions, and incorporates all of our specialties.


Why hire an Internet Marketing Firm to Manage Your Company’s Social Media Platforms?

Niche Marketing PR is advanced, social media certified, trained, and ready to buzz your business!

social media certifiedSocial Media, also known as Web 2.0, describes the Internet technology that allows individuals to interact online with friends, family, and coworkers. Social networking sites allow for people to share things such as videos, music, pictures, and updates on their lives. Most social networking platforms have evolved into mass networks that feature many fun and easy-to-use tools for connecting with others. With the rise of websites like Facebook, the Internet has seen a shift toward companies focusing their marketing and advertising efforts toward social networks.

Many companies utilize Social Media, yet many do not really know if they are utilizing Social Media to its fullest. Some companies are not even certain if they know what they are doing. Others enjoy Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, yet there are literally hundreds of platforms available to help keep their customers and prospective customers engaged.

Social Media and Customer Engagement

The purpose of giving your business a social media presence isn't to blast your company message in your customer's faces on every possible social outlet there is, and if you treat social media marketing like this, it will likely do more harm than good for your company's online marketing efforts. The main purpose of social media marketing is customer engagement.

Customer engagement means interacting with your customers - talking to them and not at them. It also means listening to what they are saying, and responding when someone asks a question, much as you would if you were a salesperson talking to a customer in a brick-and-mortar retail store.

Social media marketing is a great way to make your brand come across as genuine. If you use social media to speak to customers and prospective customers as though you were a friend trying to give some helpful advice, you'll likely have better conversion rates than if you quote the party line from the company handbook.

Social Media and SEO

Social media plays a large role in your website's search rankings in Google's Hummingbird search algorithm. Learn what you need to do to achieve citations and serendipity - the two methods by which Google and other search engines integrate your social media presence with your website.

How to Use Social Media Effectively

With social media, you don't have to wait for customers to come to you. You can go to them, and you should. Some ways you can be proactive in reaching out to your customers and prospects via social media include:

Learning how to use social media to promote your company without coming across as too self-promotional takes time and practice. We know you probably don't have a lot of time to devote to your social media pages, so we're here to help.

Here at Niche Marketing PR, we actively engage for ourselves and our clients in as many platforms as needed in order to:

  1. Drive more relevant traffic
  2. Target the audience interested in the product or service offered
  3. Engage with the customer in order to actually help them through the funnel process happy and trusting. We're here to build trust and engagement through the various social media platforms for you. We can even coach you!

Using Social Media to Gather Consumer Data

With social media sites, it is easier than ever to collect user data and focus a direct, targeted advertising campaign toward individuals based on unique likes and dislikes. In the past, ads were simply displayed in the hopes that individuals might fall into the particular niche being offered.

With social media marketing and networking sites, companies can now find out exactly what a user likes, what they are more likely to click on, and where their money and time are being spent. Working with a web consultant, businesses can harness the power of social networking to grow their business, as well as attract new customers.

Niche Marketing PR's Social Media Services

Call Niche Marketing PR today at (757) 788-8157 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our social media experts (we have several who are professionally certified in social media marketing) and learn what Niche Marketing PR can do to create a social buzz for your busines!