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Selling anything starts with psychology. We build all of our clients' online marketing channels from a keen understanding of what your customers really want.

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The Ability Factor

The Ability Factor™ is our secret sauce for increasing customer conversions, and incorporates all of our specialties.


Design-Ability: The Psychology of Web Design

Your website is, perhaps, the most important piece of marketing literature that will ever reach your target audience. It is often the first place prospects will go to learn more about your company, and it can and should serve as a hub to all your other marketing outlets. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your website design reflects not only your company’s brand image, but also the expectations of your target audience’s demographic. In other words, it can’t just look pretty – it has to work.

Smashing Magazine, an industry magazine for website designers and online marketers, once suggested that quality website design can be understood best by breaking its components into tiers of needs, much like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in psychology. You may find the first three tiers somewhat similar to the criteria we use when working on your site’s usability.

Tiers 4 and 5 of the design hierarchy

Tier 4: It must be proficient: Does your website go beyond the basics and offer advanced features such as a live chat feature? A way to post reviews or testimonials? Social media integration? For e-Commerce sites, is your checkout process quick and easy, with very few steps involved? Can products be sorted by size, price, etc.?

Tier 5: It must be innovative: it’s not enough to simply have a site that’s easy to use, efficient, and on-par with your competition in today’s market. You need to be an innovator not only in the business world but in the design world too if you want to stand out in a crowd. Give your site a creative “think outside the box” look and feel that no one else would think to use. But keep in mind that a site can be too “outside the box” for its own good as well. Innovation is all about a perfect balance between adhering to what your customers expect to see and adding new design elements that will make them remember your site and brand.

At Niche Marketing PR we will redesign your site from the bottom up if necessary to make sure your website’s design is the best it can be at all tiers of the design hierarchy.

Additional design tips for improving customer conversions

Website design isn’t the only component of your online marketing efforts we can help you with; it’s just one component of what we like to call The Ability Factor™. The Ability Factor™ is our secret sauce for turning prospects into customers via online marketing using a combination of: