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Laura Dilley Thomas, NMPR


Digital Experience since 1994; Sales, Marketing, Advertising since 1985

Get the help YOU need!

We help New Business Startups & Established Business’ needing growth.
  1. Our clients vary from those with just an idea wanting to open a business, to those with outdated websites needing revamping. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a business startup or simply need to grow, our company, Niche Marketing PR (NMPR) can assist. You can hire us via package plans, by project, and/or by the hour.
Maybe You’re just Getting Started

NMPR can help you make certain you are not only opening your business, but doing it correctly.

Sound like You? "We Have a Business, and want to get online"

NMPR can consult and design, create and implement. Everything you need for online, we can assist.

Maybe you’re thinking, "We're online but…"

Does your business needs some actual profit and growth? If so, this is where NMPR can definitely help! We have the experience and expertise.

Looking for a Great Strategy ?

We use Optimized UX/UI best practice for improved ROI

Selling anything starts with psychology. We build all of our clients' online marketing channels from a keen understanding of what your customers really want. We solve problems, answer questions, and create useable websites. It's not just what you want, it's what you need!


Skills for which we are hired mostly for include:

Web Design & Development
Start-Up and Growth Consulting
Marketing, Branding, Social
Content Creation, including artwork
Niche Marketing PR's Story... after several mistakes - I wanted to get it right...so, I created a formula for effective customer conversion!

Simplified in the following steps:

1. Design-ability: It can’t just look pretty; it has to work!

2. Use-ability: No customer confusion.

3. Vis-ability: Be seen, heard, and understood!

4. Profit-ability: Your website is an investment. Get the most customer conversions for your money.


The Math:
Design-ability - (4friction) + Use-ability - (2anxiety) + Vis-ability (2permission + trust X engagement) = Profit-ability(tm)


We call this The Ability Factor(tm) - giving you the ability to succeed.

You should always pursue what you're passionate about; your passion is your success! Let me help you build, create, and succeed. Or in terms I like to say, Plant, Grow, Bloom; Repeat!

laura dilley thomas
Laura Dilley Thomas
Owner, Founder, Customer Service

the News

My heart is pounding, I can't wait to get started on your next Project!

Key Online Abilities

There are so many directions and needs involved with the online side of a business; it can be very overwhelming! Every part should work and fit together to form a solid foundation. Simple errors can cause growth to stagnate. Our combined experience and expertise in the in-depth fields of the web will let you sleep at night. To include everything that goes into it, we’d need to write a book, so here are a few top key points:

Site Analyst & Usability

This is the appeal of NMPR! We analyze the data, so you aren't spending blindly. We specialize in walking in the footsteps of your clients, finding out what is and is not working for them.

Website Creation, Development & Optimization

If you need a website, we specialize in most platforms and are experts behind the scenes. We can develop your Blog, Ecommerce site or Sales / Referral machine! If you already have a website- you'd be surprised how often the solution to greater customer conversion rates ends up being something small, like rewriting a few lines of text. We can give you new insight into your audience, along with recommendations on how you can increase customer conversions.

Web Marketing Consulting

Not only will we analyze your data and help you build and tweak to achieve total success; we'll analyze your users’ response to your sites actions and design. Owner and Founder, Laura’s personal consultation services are included with every project at no additional cost.

Search Marketing and SEO

Building YOUR top money keywords into your site, navigation, internet marketing and branding. We’ll build them organically for you, saving you tons of cash while making your business more profitable!

Social Media

Social Media CAN work for you and your audience when engaging relationships are built into the platform to add trust to your Brand. You might be amazed at just how good it can work - once set up properly.

Perfect FULL Support

We are your Team; we will do all of this for YOU. We work as a cohesive unit, and will NOT hand this project off to collect a profit, which results in no loss of money or trust for You.

the Creative Minds

I have a full team that helps me, but when you hire me, you get ME. I will never hand off your project, or farm it out. We, you and I will become the Team of Creative Minds!

laura dilley thomas
Laura Dilley Thomas
Owner, Founder, Customer Service
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the Pricing

  1. Below are some Project Examples with sample pricing, designed to give you a clear idea of budget. Please keep in mind, these jobs are our passions, and not just a paycheck.


Most Anything

$ Varies

Per / Hour Examples
  • Original Artwork, Content Creation
  • Business cards, logos, brochures, ect.
  • Research and create whitepaper pdf's
  • Consultations, sharing business experience and answering questions for online growth.
  • Setting up platforms, Social Media Marketing, Google maps, ect.
  • We can do just about anything at an hourly rate

$ 250

Per / Item Examples
  • Keyword research top 10-20 Money Words with SEO Placement Consultation
  • Social Media Profile Set-up, with Content and Syncing
  • Research and Strategy of Online Business to find growth
  • Website Optimization Usability Report
  • Too many items to list, just ask us about your item needed
Premium Detailed Projects

$ 500

Per Project Examples
  • Design, Upload, and SEO a page like this one
  • Business Analyst and Strategic Usability Report
  • Create an E-mail Campaign Complete to include Auto Responders and set up.
  • Convert a site to Responsive (Mobile First)
  • The sky is the limit, we're pretty experienced!

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