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Turning prospects into customers with the ability factor

What is the secret to higher customer conversions? It's the ability to understand how search engines, your business, and your customers operate. We call it The Ability Factor. Let's be honest, there are tens of thousands of Internet marketing experts for hire in this field. Few can really save you or make you any money. If you've been dabbling in online marketing, you're probably looking for a secret to "make it all work."

Guess what? We HAVE A SECRET.

Growing your business is really nothing more than understanding your key performance indicators (KPI.) Did you know, many people who think they understand their KPI's, are often using indicators that are not relevant to their conversion rates?

Fortunately for you, our formula for effective customer conversions can be simplified into the following steps:

Design-ability: it can’t just look pretty; it has to work
Use-ability: no customer confusion
Vis-ability: be seen, heard, and understood
Profit-ability: your website is an investment. Get the most customer conversions for your money.

Learn more about how our formula can work for you!

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Marketing on the Internet with a top experienced Internet Marketing Firm- Niche Marketing PR is reasonably priced and uses "Out of the Box" ethical marketing strategies that are proven to work!

Most Internet Marketing Firms want to run PPC campaigns with SEO Keyword searches only. This is a very small portion of your Marketing Solution. Marketing on the internet with Paid Searches, is traffic here today; and gone tomorrow! Organic Search Marketing will last forever. Yet, that's the beauty of our team- we are not simply PPC (like most marketing companies today), we are your entire Internet Marketing Solution without the heavy cost of PPC!

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